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Designing with nature. Essential elements for a renovated Oostende.

"The creation of a walkway in Oostende central beach will enhance its possibility of being known, visited and lived in the winter.

Our intention was to start from a sensible reading of the area, trying to identify the elements that already compose the landscape - the built seafront in opposition to the variable tide level, the mass of the buildings nearby and its sometimes shadowy presence in opposition to the pace of the moles marking the space every hundred meters. Everyone of these elements was given.  

Anything we would design ought to consider, relate, harmonize or tension with a reality that is already there. No element is brought with pretension of meaning alone. The design should try to take its strenght from the field.  

We brought these fundamental elements on a composition we could manipulate. Adding, connecting, organizing. In the model, we see an approximation of what would become this proposed new walkway, with new points of interest and how they relate to the preexistence in a desirable way, a rich course for human living and joy. 

To accomplish that, finally, besides the way itself, we propose some attraction points. Living places must provide shelter, light and observation points. These permanent points give to the Oostende beach a distinctive image, identifying it clearly during all seasons. They act as magnetic poles for users and activities, organizing temporary structures meant for the most different uses, year by year, season by season, day by day, day to night.

As much as the Green Ribbon proposes the connection between the free spaces in Oostende immediate surroundings, our intervention aims to complete this course with a enhanced living landscape experience."

(do memorial de projeto)

Concurso internacional de ideias para a reorganização da infraestrutura turística da praia de Oostende (Bélgica) 

Promotores: Cidade de Oostende / IVM 

Ano: 2016 

Autores: Alessandro Muzi, Mariana Wilderom, Marlon Longo, Pedro Godueguez Silva, Rafael Montezi.